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Owner Doug Morris has been hooked on racing since age 4. At that point in his childhood, he lived 3 blocks away from the American Legion Speedway in Fairbury, Illinois. He never missed a Saturday night race. The first racing picture he recieved was from a local driver who would visit his parents, and that picture still hangs in the Garage today. Over the years, Doug helped build and restore racecars for family and friends. 


In 2004, Doug bought the old Masonic hall in Towanda, Illinois. He and his son, Joe Morris, reconstructed the top floor into a living area, and added the garage a few years later. The street in front of the property is the original Route 66, and the decomissioned stretch of Route 66 is directly behind the Morris home. There are many independent garages on 66, and Doug decided to add that theme to his property, naming it Joe's Garage after his son.


Along with the items that he already had, Doug quickly gained the help of friends Ed Doran and Bill Kreighauser in the collection of race memorabilia. Two other men that helped Joe's Garage become what it is today are Don Waldvogal and Fireball Fehrman. 


Doug and Joanna have visitors from all over the globe, from right here in Central Illinois to Long Island, New York, to Great Britain. Doug is always looking for ways to change and improve the garage and diner. The purpose of these projects is to bring back yester-year. To have a visitor come by and say, "Hey, I remember that" with a smile on their face. 


After the garage was finished, they decided to move on to the basement. Keeping with the theme of old Route 66 garages, a diner was added to the property. Doug attended an auction which included the items from an old Dog 'n Suds drive-in. He purchased the dining room, plus a few other features. The diner was finished in 2012, and rightfully named Joe's Diner, both after his son and to keep the theme of Joe's Garage. 


In mid-2013 Doug began adding on to the garage. He has added a 40 foot addition to the rear of the existing garage.

In 2016, Doug married Joanna Haas, and together they are bringing the pinup girl environment into the property! Joanna has been entering pinup contests in the Central Illinois area, be on the lookout for Maria Divine! Check out her page!


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