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  • Gerald McDowell (Friday, November 14 14 04:22 pm EST)

    Do you know the year that Bugs Anderson raced at Fairbury?

    Thank you.

  • Speed and Jo Anderson (Saturday, November 08 14 05:50 pm EST)

    The family of Bugs Anderson enjoyed our first open house at Joes Garage. Enjoyed the old cars, pictures, and the diner. Looking forward to Route 66 in May

  • Wayne Stearns (Monday, October 13 14 12:28 pm EDT)

    One of the best kept secrets in all of the Midwest. Thanks for sharing the memories

  • Jeffery Slutz (Tuesday, July 15 14 05:20 pm EDT)

    In May 2014 traveling 66 in Il, we came upon Joe's Garage and Doug by chance. As a motorhead, our visit made the trip extra special. Thanks Doug. Loved it. Very special place and man.

  • Steve Roginske (Friday, May 16 14 04:15 pm EDT)

    Enjoyed the racing museum and did not realize that the diner was there. Got to see the diner. Lot of time and care exelent.

  • Dennis Miller (Saturday, May 03 14 12:16 am EDT)

    Love the vintage pictures.
    Would like to see Joes Garage in person.rxbn

  • Kate Vosseller (Saturday, March 08 14 12:01 pm EST)

    Looking Good Doug!

  • Laura Rever (Thursday, March 06 14 09:24 pm EST)

    Doug, you have really made this amazing! Simply amazing! The diner is my favorite part.

  • Lisa Renfro-Nelson (Sunday, March 02 14 09:29 pm EST)

    My dad, Terry Renfro, keeps talking about his friend in Towanda, Illinois with vintage cars and I found your website. Very nice tribute to all the old racers!

  • K & R Duncan (Sunday, February 02 14 01:52 pm EST)

    Very nice website Doug!

  • Clint williams (Sunday, January 26 14 11:54 am EST)

    beautiful place. Will you be my Dad?

  • Suzy Tribby (Sunday, December 01 13 11:01 pm EST)

    Very nice Doug!

  • Lynn Koskey (Tuesday, November 26 13 12:25 am EST)

    Hi Doug! Tried to friend you on Facebook but couldn't find you. I will keep trying though. Great site you have here!

  • Kelly deJarnette (Tuesday, October 01 13 11:14 am EDT)

    Congratulations on dreaming it, building it and sharing !

  • Jim (Monday, September 09 13 07:27 pm EDT)

    Spoke with Doug on the phone today. He directed me to the website. i am very impressed. i will be planning a trip to the garage as soon as possible.

  • Christine (Saturday, September 07 13 11:50 pm EDT)

    Hi Doug,
    It's a very nice place. I'll have to make my way out there sometime.

  • Jim Giaudrone (Sunday, August 18 13 10:41 pm EDT)

    So glad we turned around after we saw the door panels and old cars in back yard, Doug showed us around the cars and memorabilia was just outstanding, this is a collection every race fan must see.
    cant wait to go back

  • Tim galloway (Saturday, August 17 13 08:19 am EDT)

    This place is AWESOME. I would love to see the cars up close. I grew up at Sante Fe Speedway and listening to Jan Gabriel announce "here comes the thunder makers" He is missed like all the old tracks
    like Santa Fe that have closed

  • Brenda Abshier (Friday, August 09 13 11:36 pm EDT)

    Awesome Garage, love the cars.

  • Jay Smithson (Thursday, July 18 13 02:04 pm EDT)

    great site, thanks for all your hard work, good luck and continued success, and with the new addition

  • connie (Wednesday, June 12 13 11:08 pm EDT)

    Hi Doug, I just cked out your web sight ... Wow !!!!! That nice ... Alot going on at your place .

  • Alex (Wednesday, April 03 13 06:57 pm EDT)

    How close is the garage to spoon river speedway or Lincoln speedway. I am driving the 83 Northrop family sprint car this year and would love to come and bring some of my older crew guys fot a trip
    down memory lane. Many of them spent many years helping chuck Amati over the years and I drove for Shane's grandson the last 6 years locally. We won the dean Shirley race last year in Lincoln and
    then I got thumped down in missippi about 3 weeks later. Two friends have started a Facebook page and have quite a few pictures on it of some of us southern warriors. Check it out and share any
    pictures you would like. Thanks. Alex Shanks

  • Roger Bess (Sunday, March 31 13 10:29 pm EDT)

    Wow! Brings back a lot of memories. Where did you live in Fairbury? I lived two blocks east and then 3 blocks west of the fairgrounds most of my 18 years there.

  • Jon Perkins (Tuesday, January 29 13 08:44 pm EST)

    The site is looking great guys. I think my name is on a wall in there, you have a great place.


  • Lonny Baker (Monday, January 28 13 05:08 pm EST)

    Awesome!! Brings back memories!!

  • Wayne Stearns (Sunday, January 13 13 09:17 pm EST)

    Awesome website for an awesome museum. Can't wait till the next open house.

  • Mike Deavers (Thursday, January 03 13 04:07 pm EST)

    Excellent website! Keep up the good work.

  • Sam Lee (Wednesday, January 02 13 11:18 am EST)

    Great that you now also have this site. This will help inform more people of what you have done and are doing. Thanks

  • Scott Shults/Peoria Oldtimers Racing Club (Tuesday, January 01 13 11:57 pm EST)

    Joe's Garage is Awesome ..... Best of Luck Doug with Your Future Expansions of the Race Car Museum .....

  • Kaitlin Vosseller (Tuesday, January 01 13 10:49 am EST)

    Wow! So far so good. I think it's really great that you made this site for Doug.Kate

  • Larry Gibson (Monday, December 31 12 06:26 pm EST)


  • Kara Thorson (Monday, December 31 12 12:34 pm EST)

    Great job on the site, Holly! Nice to see all of the work Joe & Doug have done.

  • Wayne Stearns (Monday, December 24 12 09:23 pm EST)

    It's really cool that you are going to add on. Like I said before if you would like some help let me know.

  • JD McGee (Friday, December 21 12 04:10 pm EST)

    looks good so far. keep it up.


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